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Darryl J.Jacobs

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Video Transcript

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Darryl Jacobs: My name is Darryl Jacobs. In addition to a law degree, I hold a Master's of Law in Taxation from Boston University.
For over 26 years, my office has concentrated in the areas of wills, trusts, pacts, and estate planning. There are no Marcus Welbys in the medical profession. There aren't in the legal profession. You don't go to a pediatrist for brain surgery. You shouldn't go to a real estate attorney or a car accident attorney to prepare your estate plan. It's that simple.
There are some attorneys out there who I say practice rent law. Anything that pays their rent they'll do for you. But, in this area of the law, estate planning, you want to make sure you hire and utilize the services of a seasoned attorney who has practice in this area. 100 percent of my practice for over 26 years has been helping people protect and serve and pass on what I'm sure took most of my clients a lifetime of blood, sweat, and tears to put together with the least amount going to people they don't know.
We have five offices to serve you within the state of Florida, and I'm sure you're close to one of them. Please take the time to make an appointment, and come in and sit down with us to plan your estate.